Good Vibe CBD 2ml Disposable Indica CBD Vape Cartridge

Good Vibe CBD 2ml Disposable Indica CBD Vape Cartridge


We have searched the world over for the best combination of packaging, hardware, cannabinoids and terpenes to create the world’s finest CBD Vape Cartridge. We have carefully and specifically chosen cannabinoids with the intent of achieving either sativa or indica effects and then paired those with the industry’s most advanced terpenes. The Blue Dream Sativa is a CBD base with CBG THCv H4CBD CBDv and THCa and the Grand Daddy Purps Indica is a CBD base with CBN, CBDp, H4CBD and THCa.

The hardware we are using is 2ml and is rechargeable and disposable. The internal components are made of medical grade materials and are the smallest disposable vape on the market.

Finally we have the packaging, this packaging is designed to promote cleanliness and a germ free experience. Seriously, have you seen the insides of your pockets? We think keeping the mouthpiece clean just makes sense.


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