3000mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture

3000mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture


Our new Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD Tincture is now our standard bottle. We offer this in both Lavender and Peppermint flavors in a 1oz bottle. Each 1ml serving is 100mgs of Full Spectrum CBD. Our droppers are conveniently marked with an indicator that shows you the 25mg 50mg 75mg serving sizes in addition to the full dropper at 100mgs. Customers used to our lower dose tinctures can simply take smaller amounts of oil to achieve the same dose. This is a huge savings per serving and one of the reasons we went this direction. For us, making one tincture will lower our operating costs and by doing so, we can pass the savings on to you the end user. We are a company that puts our customers best interests at heart first and foremost. We understand you are looking to us for relief and we take that very seriously. We appreciate you and will always strive to serve you with our best ability.

Serving Sizes and dosages:

• 1oz 30ml 3000mg = 100mgs per dropper

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Dosage Suggestions:

We use Height, Weight and Degree of symptom as a guide to decide the correct dosage. We believe the heavier the person or the more severe conditions could benefit from a stronger dosed product. Our Goal is to treat you with one serving of our products keeping this affordable and effective. We think our various dosages and flavor options gives everyone a really good shot of achieving success with our products. This new bottle comes with a dropper that has an indicator of serving size which removes any guessing.

100-150 pounds 25mgs

150-175 pounds 50 mgs

175-200 pounds 75 mgs

200-250 pounds 100mgs

These suggestions are based on average symptoms. Folks with severe conditions could possibly need a greater dose. We make a 7500mg tincture for those feeling like they could benefit from something more potent.

Ingredients: USA Grown Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil Distillate, Food Grade Essential oil for flavor.


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Lavender, Peppermint


3000mg 1oz


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