Full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps

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The ingredients are simply CBD Distillate  and a vegan gluten free capsule. 

We pride ourselves on using nothing but the purest form of CBD Distillate! We use Verified Third Party testing to insure you are not getting doses of heavy metals or pesticides. The origin of our distillate is organic hemp grown in the state of Colorado.

Our CBD Capsules come in two sizes:

The 500mg bottle containing 20, 25mg Capsules  

The 1000mg containing 40 25mg Capsules 

CBD in this form is a great way to manage daily dosages. The guidelines are weight based and we recommend 200 pounds or less starting at 25mg per day and over 200 pounds at 50mg per day.

You should evaluate after a couple of days and ask yourself.....1) am I abnormally tired? If yes lower amount used.....2) am I still in pain or suffering in any way? Increase amount used.

CBD has been know to help those with Arthritis, General Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Opiod Addiction, MS and much more. 

We promise we have a pure product made with the purest intentions. We  appreciate the opportunity to earn your business