The Clear CBD Vape Cartridge


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The Clear™ choice is a great one, and a great experience.


So what makes ‘us’ so great? Well it starts with having the most pure CBD Isolate that you can possibly have. But then, you strategically add terpenes and flavors at a ratio that makes them taste amazing and provide actual benefits and effects for you. And last but not least, we’ve been refining the technology of the diffusers, or vape pens, that we use to give our customers an even better experience with the Clear™ products. Now offered with our C-Cell cartridges and top pull batteries you can get the most consistent dosing possible, whether you want specific dosages, or you want to be able to get a huge rip, the C-Cell technology has all the versatility and more.


• 500 mg capacity
• 220 mg of pure CBD
• All glass tank
• C-Cell patented technology
• Refillable

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Lemon-Lime, Grapevine, Strawberry, Potent Pineapple, Orange Creme, Blueberry


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